Sauvignon Blanc seems to have had a long history with the sea. It first made its way to South Africa with the exploration of the Dutch East India Company when a supply station was established in Cape Town. The Mother City was then only a stop for ships and crew to pick up fresh produce during their journey along the spice route to India. Jan van Riebeek was given the task to manage the station and plant grapes to produce wine; falsely believing the eating of grapes and the wine created from them would prevent scurvy and other diseases between sailors during their long voyages.

Our Fryer’s Cove flagship varietal, whilst able to hold its own on global tables, still holds true to her very roots. Roots which established themselves 19 years ago in amongst the red sand and seashells of Bamboesbaai – the smallest Wine Ward in Southern Africa.

It is here we she was slowly nurtured by the gentle sea breezes and rugged salty sea sprays, as she stretched her roots over the layers of limestone. You see, unlike any other local Sauvignon Lasses, our Fryers Cove Sauvignon Blanc embodies the very essence of the West Coast fishing town and region she calls home

Perhaps it is the proximity to the atlantic ocean 500 meters away which delivers a unique minerality to her appeal, or the maturation within an abandoned fish factory where she develops her personality that makes this wine so refreshingly honest in its delivery of the finest Sauvignon Blanc characteristics.

So whilst you may find her right at home with a lobster bisque served with fine china, Fryer’s Cover Sauvignon Blanc is just as easily paired with the perfectly grilled linefish on the braai whilst taking in the sea breezes on the jetty at Doringbaai.

We invite you to take her to dinner, lunch or even simply enjoy her on her own and savour all those unique qualities.

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